Wearable doses of color!

"xroma" ("χρώμα", pronounced: /hroma) in Greek means "color"...

Ever since I was a little kid I had a natural attraction for colors.
My grandfather was an artist and I remember myself gazing fascinated his palette and the various colors with all those magical names: cobalt blue, emerald green, cadmium red, burnt sienna...
Later, during my studies in Archaeology and Art History I focused even more on the use of color, not only in art, but also in everyday life (in architecture, clothing, everyday use objects etc).

This passion for color led me to start making my own handmade jewelry, with simple and minimalistic shapes and design, in a great variety of rich color shades.

I like to say that I make wearable doses of color!

When I get dressed every morning, I often think “what color do I feel today?”
So, even if I wear a total black outfit, I put on a big ruby red ring if I feel passionate and sexy, or a turquoise blue one, if I feel cool and fresh, or a pink one, if I feel more feminine and fun.

I make the colorings myself, by mixing the five primary colors (blue, red, yellow, black & white). My inspiration comes from anything colorful: a flower, a fruit, a piece of fabric, a traditional ceramic, even a wall painting. My favorite part of the week is Sunday morning coffee time, when I browse through my art books to discover a new color shade!

My everyday life is fascinating but challenging, as I try to balance between my day job as an Archaeologist and being a maker and an entrepreneur in Etsy, and still having enough time and energy to devote to my husband and my two kids!

The most exciting thing about being an Etsy seller is thinking of my jewelry travelling around the world, adding color in the life of women with style, attitude and allure...

Learn more about me and my creative life:
http://etsy.me/2bk0YFe<br />https://youtu.be/3D4gKY_6UgU

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